穹蒼之下 Under the firmament 一切都是 All things are 帶著 多元、流動、變化和活潑的色彩 In diverse, fluid, changing, and lively colors 光和暗之間有美妙的層次 Between light and dark there is beautiful tones 日與夜之間是最美好的時光 Between day and night is the wonderful moments 黑白之間充滿著晶瑩斑斕 Between the black and white is full of sparkling gorgeous 對錯之間原來是包容與寬恕 Between right and wrong is tolerance and forgiveness 人類是什麼? What is Human Being? 性別是什麼? What is Gender? 我們是什麼… Who are we… 穹蒼之下 Under the firmament 我們都在尋找自我 We all are searching for the true self 尋找一刻的真實存在 Searching for the moment of real being 我是誰? Who am I? 我不是誰 I am not the other 以至於別 And so am I different